‘At night, Alnwick is like the Wild West’ – town council round-up

Northumberland Gazette latest
Northumberland Gazette latest

A newcomer to Alnwick has expressed his horror at what his daughter-in-law has had to endure near her property in Dodd’s Lane.

Joseph Murray reported that there had been drinking, drugs, anti-social behaviour and people trying to urinate through her letterbox.

“It’s totally unacceptable, it’s horrible,” he said. “Alnwick is a lovely town during the day, but at night it’s like the Wild West.

“There’s some nice people, but there’s a small minority who are thugs.”

He also explained that it had been intimated to him that they should just move outside Bondgate Within because it’s not worth living in the town centre.

Mr Murray said he did have sympathy with the police as their resources are stretched, but more officers on the street are needed to tackle these types of issue. “If you let someone get away with something once, it will get worse, they have to get nipped in the bud.”

The Mayor of Alnwick, Alan Symmonds, said that they would certainly raise this issue with the police.

Coun Peter Broom pointed out that there had been more criminal damage in the town centre that weekend as well, with several shop windows smashed, as reported in last week’s Gazette.

• Deputy Mayor George Mavin, Coun Charles Westendarp and the town clerk Bill Batey took a ‘very, very enjoyable’ three-day trip to Alnwick’s twin town Byrne, in Time Kommune, Norway, earlier this month, which featured a potato festival with a parade of Massey Ferguson tractors. It also generated a number of possible actions for Alnwick.

• Councillors heard that the fibre-broadband cabinet which will serve Allerburn Lea should go live at the end of the month, following a number of delays. Also, the developer Taylor Wimpey has said the technology will be installed in Willowburn Park within 12 months.