Aspirations for lifetime homes in Glendale

Land behind High Fair and Bromney Road in Wooler.
Land behind High Fair and Bromney Road in Wooler.

Those working on housing in the Glendale area, particularly since the demise of Horsonside last year, have created a document detailing hopes for new housing developments.

A number of people from various organisations, including the parish council, have been working on solutions to the housing shortage in Wooler and Glendale since the closure of the sheltered-housing complex towards the start of 2012.

At last week’s meeting, Patsy Healey, from the Housing Action Group, talked about a recently-completed housing position statement.

While there is some focus on elderly people, young people haven’t been forgotten and the aim is lifetime homes, which allow residents to stay in the village all their lives, adapting the properties if necessary.

It talks about both the design of housing and the type of accommodation, calling for more variety for older residents as well as potential specialist provision such as for dementia patients.

On the design front, it was recognised that this was an aspirational document, but calls for homes to be fuel-efficient, accessible and flexible.

Schemes for older people should bear in mind issues such as communal facilities, safety, accessibility to local facilities and a sense of community for residents.