Are you man enough to take on the beast?

Bruce Durham promotes the Amble Beast Strength Competition.
Bruce Durham promotes the Amble Beast Strength Competition.

A new contest designed to test competitors’ fitness and power, as well as encouraging the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, will take place later this year.

The Amble Beast Strength Competition, described by organisers as a sporting first, will be taking place on Saturday, May 30, in conjunction with the town’s puffin festival.

The male-only event will feature eight disciplines, including dead lift, bench press and squat; although the others won’t be unveiled until the day.

To make it open to all types of fitness and strength levels, there will be two prizes up for grabs. The first will be for the overall leader on the day, judged by who wins the most events/has the most points, while the second will be the pound-for-pound champion.

It is hoped that a women’s event can be run later in the year, if there is sufficient interest.

Bruce Durham, head of the event committee, said: “The competition has been developed to give people a short-term goal and to get back on track with their fitness ambitions after their enthusiastic ‘I will exercise every day’ new year’s resolutions have probably long fizzled out.

“It has been set up to promote health and fitness in the local community. By giving people something to train for, we will be promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. It’s more of a fun social gathering with some strength competitions thrown in.”

The event will be held at the Amble Community Sports and Development Centre (ACSDC).

The entrance fee is £10 and all money raised will go to offering more community-based sports programmes through ACSDC. Entrants must live within three miles of Amble and entry forms – obtained by emailing – must be returned by Thursday, April 30.

There will be free sports massages available all day for competitors, courtesy of Hazel Small from In Sync physio centre, while Alnwick Crossfit will be providing the judges.

The event has been supported thanks to donations from the likes of Northumbria Police and HMP Northumberland, while Alnwick-based MKM Building Supplies is the event’s main sponsor.