Are you brave enough to enter the dark garden this Hallowe’en?

Spooky goings on and fright nights will be part of a new project at an Alnwick attraction.

The Dark Garden is a Hallowe’en themed event at Alnwick Garden, new for this year.

The attraction is aiming to build on the success of A Christmas Tale, its festive outdoor combination of theatre, illuminations and projections, with the new fright night production.

Mark Brassell, director of The Alnwick Garden, said: “In the day time The Alnwick Garden is as serene and peaceful as anywhere in the UK.

“However, it does have its darker side, such as the famous Poison Garden.

“We will be showing an altogether different garden for selected evenings in October and challenging people to see if they’re brave enough to take a walk along the Path of Fear into the Dark Garden.

“Deep in the Garden we are assembling some truly spine-chilling interactive shock theatre and plotting some terrifying trickery, including visual puppetry, which will surprise people as they take an after-dark stroll through The Alnwick Garden.

“It will be interesting to see if they will emerge with their hearts in their mouths or hands.”

The Dark Garden opens on Tuesday, October 25, running until Monday, October 31, between 6.15pm and 9.30pm.

It is being produced by Enchanted Places, the same outdoor production company which brought A Christmas Tale last December.

There will be no gushing blood, mangled body parts, gushing guts, gore or maimed people. Instead, the Dark Garden event will be created through the imaginative use of scary dramatic performers, darkness and light, drifting smoke, evil smells, scary sounds and stunning projected visual imagery.

Tickets for the event can be booked online at for £12 per adult, £7 for children four and over and £34 for a family. Car parking is £3.