Application is lodged for new homes in village

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Plans have been submitted to transform a garage site in Acklington by creating a ‘high-quality residential scheme’ comprising 17 houses.

Applicant William Davies has lodged the bid with Northumberland County Council for the demolition of the existing garage building on the land at I and M Pearsons Ltd, Acklington Garage.

The aim is to erect 17 properties on the site and land to the south – with a mix of housing, from bungalows to five-bebroom properties.

The site would be accessed by a new road from the B6345 and a footpath would be provided along the front of the site.

The intention is to create a courtyard layout which takes inspiration from Dairy Court, which is located nearby.

Each house would have its own garden/amenity area and parking.

The application’s design and access statement, produced by Blake Hopkinson Architecture, states: “We believe that the proposed development will create a high-quality residential scheme within the popular village of Acklington.”

It adds that the scheme is sustainable and would not cause detriment to the wider appearance of the surrounding area.

The application is for two, two-bedroom bungalows; three, three-bedroom terraced houses; six, four-bedroom semi-detached houses; one, four-bedroom detached property; two, five-bedroom detached houses; and three, five-bedroom detached corner homes.

The site layout comprises three zones; the northern dwellings fronting the B6345, the eastern dwellings leading people into the site and the courtyard development. A planning statement says that the scheme provides choice to the housing market.