Appeal made to hear from pen-friend

Anne Wilson or Watson
Anne Wilson or Watson

A man who travelled from his native Germany to Alnwick to see his pen-friend 50 years ago has made an appeal to trace her, after the pair lost contact.

Ralf Thenior, from Dortmund, said he would love to hear from his former pal, who he says was called Anne Watson or Wilson.

The 68-year-old came into the Gazette office to make the appeal last week, while he was on holiday in Northumberland.

Despite leaving England today, he says he would like her to contact him by phone or email.

The married father-of-one, who is a published writer and also has a grandchild, said: “I would love to hear from her.

“I came over to Alnwick 50 years ago to visit her and I stayed on her farm, which was around the Alnwick area, with her parents and her sister, but we lost contact after that.”

He has urged her to contact him by emailing or calling 0231 8280594.