Appeal for help to pay vets who saved dog’s life

The latest intalment in our weekly series on Alnwick-based dog rescue charity SHAK.

Thursday, 28th March 2019, 10:00 am
SHAK has a huge vets' bill for Midas.

The volunteers at SHAK are facing a huge vet’s bill for the emergency treatment and ongoing medication which have saved a dog’s life.

Midas had suffered from years of horrific abuse before being rescued by SHAK, starving, covered in sores and with a curved spine. Judging by his condition, he had been kept in some kind of crate, smaller than his size.

Liesa, a good friend of SHAK, has nursed Midas back from his injuries and health problems and he has spent the last four years in permanent foster care, a much-loved member of the family.

But now he has been diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and a faulty heart valve after being rushed to the vet in the early hours , struggling to breathe.

Further investigations were carried out as he was not responding to treatment as expected and a mass was discovered in front of and wrapping around his heart.

Euthanasia was all that awaited him.

Liesa said: “The tears and absolute shock to know this loving boy would not be living to a ripe old age has hit hard and the prospect of watching the life drain from his friendly bright and beautiful eyes has been to much to bear.

“Amazingly, he stabilised after oxygen therapy, diuretics to drain some fluid build-up in his chest and a drug to help his heart pump.

“Instead of having to let him go he was able to be brought home to experience more of the life he deserves. How long for, hours, days, weeks, no one knows, but he is still living. Still eating. Still lifting his leg for belly rubs. It’s not his time just yet.

“Although he is weaker, he is still happy and content. As I sit next to him with tears streaming (knowing our time is now so very brief) he licks the tears from my cheeks. We comfort each other.

“He is to me a big black magnificent bull breed handsome cross who is more than I ever could have hoped for, a true friend.

“How anyone could ever have abused him is beyond comprehension. Please know that he will be loved right to the end and will not be left to suffer in any way.”

Unfortunately, all this has come at a price.

SHAK now has a vets’ bill of £1,361.92, of which £200 has already been paid.

SHAK founder Stephen Wylie said: “Midas is worth every penny of that bill and will also need expensive medication for as long as we have the fortune of his company.

“This is where once again we are calling on your fantastic support to help us pay the vets’ bill that saved Midas’s life and to pay towards the medication he needs on a daily basis.

“I know he is in the best hands possible and that everything will be done for him.

“He’s had the best four years of his life, but he deserves so many more.”

Anyone who can help with a donation towards the bill for Midas’s treatment and ongoing medication can do so via PayPal at ‘for Midas’ in the notes when you make a payment.