Appeal for twins memories

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A PLEA for memorabilia has been made to help bolster an upcoming exhibition at the Bailiffgate Museum.

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the twinning of Alnwick with Lagny-sur-Marne in France, Voerde in Germany, and Time in Norway, the town’s Bailiffgate Museum is hosting a themed display from April 5 to May 20, entitled Cultural Connections.

And museum manager James Etherington is asking people to loan any relevant artefacts they have to the attraction to aid the showcase.

He said: “To help us create this exhibition and display as many exciting artefacts as possible, we are looking for anyone in town who has been involved in exchanges with other countries.

“Perhaps you hosted a family during a stay, went on a school exchange to another country, or took part in the original twinning celebrations?

“We are not just looking for people wh have links with our three twin towns; anyone who has a connection to any other country would be welcomed.

“We are looking to borrow any artefacts you may have acquired during your connection. Be it a flag, a guide book, a piece of local art, postcards, newspapers or anything else, the museum would like to display them for the duration of the exhibition so that locals and visitors alike can get a flavour of the many varied and special cultures that Alnwick has developed links with over the years.”

Items can be dropped into the museum between 10am and 4pm daily.

Anyone loaning artefacts to the museum must leave their name and address with the items so they can be returned more easily.

If anyone is interested in loaning memorabilia or wants more information, email James at or call 01665 605847.