Another good week of gigging

Musician Derek Allan.Musician Derek Allan.
Musician Derek Allan.
Northumberland musician Derek Allan continues his weekly diary.

October 11

This was a good day for gigs. A lot of new ones. It is worth the daily calls and emails when a few dates come in, we worked on 27 new dates for next year today. The Trap was another good night. A lot of people in what would be in an empty room, people making friends and memories. Some good songs shared. The Christmas special is coming up – it is always full, over 70 people.

October 12

Sam Gibson is booking darts players in for his new mission. Eric Bristo at Dinnington in May and now Andy Fordham for a new venue. They both sound like they will be good times. The 12-hour charity darts for British Heart Foundation are set for next year. The first Travelling buskers is set for February for Camorans Kisses. Tonight was Bar Loco. It is always great to go there with Acoustic Magic.

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Tonight’s players were Kitchy Retro and Carl Cape. It was a great night, as always.

October 13

Another great gig in Berwick. Pretty much completely unplugged. I do love this gig. When you play a gig where people want you there they are the best gigs and this is why you do it. Also CD and t-shirt sales. Music will always survive as long as musicians can suffer enough to make it to the next gig. Most gigs we play now are great. They go through a lot to learn and play covers or write and learn how to play them.

October 14

It was another great morning in the North East – cold. Off to Jarrow to meet up with many runners and supporters. Rebecca is getting better every race. After the mile she is not tired. I find it amazing. She was happy to be fourth last and likes the whole growing up and moving up through the field.

The Hamsterley gig was a long drive and a nice gig. I went camping there as a teenager with a great friend of mine, Steve Hopes. He now lives in Texas but we stay in touch.

October 15

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Tomorrow we have another great gig, over 50 music lovers in a bar gig. A 14-month waiting list to get a gig. Today we went back conker picking and then I walked a good walk with Ellie. The new year is so close, we have a lot of work and a lot of money to save up for the next charity missions.

October 16

It is always windy up North but this storm is pretty bad. Over 50-mile an hour winds. Another busy Monday and the new posters with the Spotify links are working. Shaggy drove us to Norton tonight, a long way but a great gig for a Monday. A bar gig but with people that love to hear music, over 50 people there. Great to play and for sales.

October 17

I got free tickets from my friends at Newcastle 02 Academy. I have known them for a few decades now but, still, free tickets is so kind.

I love live music and seeing Train live was a great experience and to see it sold out was even better, a little needed hope in the music business. Melanie and Caroline went and loved it too. Some food first and then the gig.

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I love nights like this, filled with music, friendship, calm and lots of laughs.

October 18

I walked a few miles with Ellie to keep our legs alive. Next year’s Coast-to-Coast will be here soon enough. The Swiss tour is almost set up for April. I have shared some real great days over there with Shaggy and lots of fans and friends. It made sense to take a year off from long tours. With everything in the country increasing in price but musicians still getting ‘80s wages it is not easy to tour. Luckily we sell thousands of albums so we can get by. I am looking forward to touring again. We Steal Flyers is great, we do so much and every gig is a great part to our lives and more memories for all involved.