Another call-out to Holy Island causeway

Holy Island causeway. Picture by Jane Coltman
Holy Island causeway. Picture by Jane Coltman

A motorist had to be rescued from a stranded vehicle on the Holy Island causeway yesterday afternoon.

A statement from Holy Island Coastguard said: ‘Berwick and Holy Island Coastguard Rescue Teams were tasked by Coastguard Operations Centre Humber to a vehicle with one person on-board cut by the tide on Holy Island causeway.

‘Coastguard officers from Holy Island extricated the casualty from the vehicle back to the safety of Holy Island. Please check tide times before visiting the coast.’

At the end of March, two people were rescued from their vehicle on the causeway. It came just after concerns were raised by the emergency services after drone footage captured two vehicles ploughing across the causeway when it was covered by water.