Another bid for new homes in seaside parish

The site of the proposed homes at Gloster Hill Farm.
The site of the proposed homes at Gloster Hill Farm.

A developer is bidding to build another 44 homes in a north Northumberland parish, where residents already feel under siege from applications.

An application has been submitted to Northumberland County Council on behalf of Clark Homes Ltd and Mr I Forsyth for 44 dwellings, including 10 affordable homes, at Gloster Hill, Amble.

But while the site is listed as Amble, it officially falls into the parish of Warkworth, where villagers are already fighting three separate applications for nearly 70 homes by the Northumberland Estates.

This new scheme would add another 44 to that and when it was unveiled to the public in April, it did spark some concerns.

Coun Jeff Watson, a Warkworth parish councillor as well as county councillor for Amble West with Warkworth, this week described it as another blow to the parish and said that the number of new homes recently built or planned for the village and nearby Amble was ridiculous.

He added: “This would be another increase in the number of new houses in this area, on top of the considerable number of new houses in Amble and Warkworth. I believe this application is overdevelopment.”

According to a design and access statement submitted with the application, the site has ‘two distinct and separate characters’ linked by an access road.

Land south of Mariners View: The proposal for this section is to build 16 three or four-bedroom houses and 10 affordable, two-bedroomed bungalows.

Land at Gloster Hill Farm, north of Mariners View: Here, the existing farm steading would be converted into six houses while a further 12 would be built. The new and converted properties would be three and four-bedroom.