Angry resident hits out over muddy spot

The grassed area next to the visitor centre at Druridge Bay Country Park.
The grassed area next to the visitor centre at Druridge Bay Country Park.

Part of a county beauty spot is in an awful state because of a weekend family festival, claims a local resident.

The VW Mighty DubFest at Druridge Bay included music, trade stands, activity sections and combat demonstrations and there were also a wide range of cars on show, whilst those attending were allowed to park their vehicles on the land.

But there were heavy rain showers on Friday and Saturday and this meant the fields and paths on the site have become very muddy.

Kevin Cook, who lives in North Broomhill, is angry with the organisers and Northumberland County Council for not doing enough to mitigate the impact of the cars.

“The part of Druridge Bay where the festival took place has been left in a disgusting and dreadful state,” he said.

“The gravel paths are meant to be accessible to wheelchairs and mobility scooters, but there’s no chance of going along them at the moment.

“It appears that the county council had no contingency plan for the adverse weather conditions and allowed the festival organisers to go on the land and do what they want.”

Mike Jeffrey, countryside access and recreation manager, for Northumberland, said: “The unusually wet weather conditions for the time of year did lead to difficulties in hosting this event and damage to some of the grass areas used for parking.

“However staff at the park worked hard to direct motorists and assist anyone in difficulty, and the majority of those attending the event enjoyed themselves despite the weather. All the paths were cleared of mud after the event and we expect the grass areas to recover within the next few weeks.