Anger over delay to bollard work

A BOLLARD preventing vehicular access on an Alnwick street has been put in place – five months after a works order was made.

The arch on St Michael’s Lane was damaged when a van tried to drive through but got stuck.

Mark Turnbull who owns Turnbull’s of Alnwick Butchers, next to the arch, consulted Alnwick Town Council and Northumberland County Council on pedestrianising the lane and in June a works order was issued for a bollard to be put in place to stop vehicles using it.

But the work was only completed last week.

And after comments made at Alnwick Town Council’s November meeting about the length of time that the timber has been in place, Mr Turnbull has hit out saying it is not his fault.

He told the Gazette that he was a ‘little angry’ at the town council’s comment and said the arch and building are Grade II listed and would not take another knock therefore the timber support, which had walkways through it, was put in place to protect the building from further damage.

He added that despite months of correspondence with the county council about the bollard being put in work was delayed.

And Mr Turnbull did not want to remove the timber until the work had been done in case of another accident.

He said the county council had been ‘dragging their heels’ over it.

But the work was carried out last week and a spokeswoman for the authority said that delays had been caused by an underground mains electric cable.

She added that the works had to be clarified with the electricity board before completion.