Anger erupts at late-night telesales calls

Concerns have been voiced after hundreds of people across the North East received late-night telesales calls regarding solar panels.

The calls, which have mainly been to landline telephones, have left some fearing the worst had happened because of the time they are made.

After being contacted by several readers about the calls the Gazette posted on its Facebook page asking if others had been affected.

And we received a huge response with some 116 comments so far.

It is believed that some residents have contacted their service providers, but have not received any help with the issue, while others have been told the calls can be stopped if they purchase a ‘special’ phone from BT.

The calls appear to have happened across the North East but have been focused on the north Northumberland area most recently.

Coun Steven Bridgett, who represents Rothbury and Coquetdale was contacted by residents in his area and has referred the matter to OFCOM.

Here are some of the comments in response to the Gazette’s post

Melanie Collins said: “Nearly 2am - a call that had a withheld number when I got to it. Various friends had the same. Scared the living daylights out of us all.”

Samantha Swordy: “My parents were harrased at 3am! Not great I wonder how they are getting peoples phone numbers? Not what you expect at that time of the morning I know they were shook up as they werent expecting a phone call they thought something awful had happened!”

Wendy Robson: “yeah there’s lots of us complaining on facebook about this we’ve been receiving calls all hours of the night....quite unsettling as you think of family members etc being ill especially when the phone rings at 12pm at night or 2am in the morning...not good at all.”

Claire Jeffrey: “I received a call at 6.30am it’s not as early as some but it makes you feel sick when the phone goes early in the morning it’s really annoying.”

Kelly Dagg: “Yes I have been getting them for the past 4 nights ranging from 12.20am up to 3.45am and when I answer there is nobody talking on the other end.Very worrying at the time as I have a partner who works offshore and 2 very poorly close relatives so obviously think the worst at the time.I am with virgin and have been unable to get in touch with anyone today to advise about this.”

Sandra Tyler Snaith: “I rang bt after receiving a call at 3.40am thursday morning, they where no help at all nobody should have to put up with those kind of calls any time day or night.”

Carole Allan: “I had one at just after 4am Thursday and at just after 3am this morning and was told by BT I would have to pay a monthly fee of over £4 to have these calls blocked not right.”

Laura Dunne: “I had a phone call at 4.30am and my other half is currently out serving in Afghanistan and I automatically thought something terrible had happened. BT cannot stop these calls and the company’s who are ringing us at stupid times have bought our telephone numbers and I was told I would have to buy a ‘special’ BT handset!!”

If you have been affected by the calls, contact us by commenting on this story or on the ||Gazette Facebook page|Click here to go straight to the Gazette Facebook page| or on Twitter @alnwickgazette

We will be contacting the relevant authorities on Monday for their response to the calls.