Anger at ‘fat lass’ advert for dress

The advertisement for the wedding dresses.
The advertisement for the wedding dresses.

A Wooler auction house has come under fire for describing a wedding dress for sale as being suitable for ‘a fat lass’.

Railtons Antiques Auctioneers and Valuers was promoting a lot – for two wedding dresses – via online site

The post featured a picture of the two garments, with the accompanying statement: ‘A Kelsey Rose long-beaded wedding dress; and another more meringue style dress with floral lace and net – for a fat lass.’

The wording prompted a critical response from a member of the public, who rang the Gazette on Friday to voice her disapproval.

She said: “It really isn’t very nice. It is derogatory and it is really quite rude.”

The woman, who said that she had lost five stone in weight, said she had rung Railtons to complain.

The Gazette contacted Railtons about the issue. Jim Railton said: “Perhaps we should have said ‘suitable for a lady of ample size?’