Anger as ‘mindless’ thieves take newly-planted flowers

Fred Thurgood with the damaged planter in Hadston
Fred Thurgood with the damaged planter in Hadston

Thieves who pinched flowers from a decorative village feature – around a fortnight after they had been planted – have been blasted by parish councillors.

East Chevington Parish Council chairman Penelope Fidkin said she was disgusted after the wallflowers were stolen from a planter in Hadston.

Northumberland County Council has a contract from the parish council to maintain planters around the village.

The theft comes at a time when parish councillors are trying to improve the look of the village and encourage pride in the area.

Coun Fred Thurgood said: “The wallflowers have been disappearing in stages for the past week and I hope the person responsible for stealing them out of this planter feels proud of themselves.

“These planters are paid for by the residents of East Chevington and you are stealing from your friends and fellow residents.

“The county council and parish council work hard to make the parish a decent place for the residents to live in and then some mindless person goes about destroying it all.”

County and parish councillor Scott Dickinson said the theft had left him appalled.

He added: “These flowers were only planted about two weeks ago. Given that we worked hard with the county council this year to enhance the area greatly which has previously been commented on.

“I am appalled that someone thinks it’s okay to steal plants from the entrance to our village. Residents will be rightly concerned and annoyed about this.”

“I have also purchased new planters through my members’ small schemes money and had them installed on the roundabout near to where this theft occurred. Will they be the next target?”