Anger as huge generator blocks driveway

Derek Morton beside the generator in the driveway at Alexandra Garth in Beadnell.
Derek Morton beside the generator in the driveway at Alexandra Garth in Beadnell.

A FRUSTRATED resident of a north Northumberland seaside village has spoken out after a generator on the back of a lorry was ‘dumped’ in his driveway.

Following a power cut in Beadnell last Tuesday that initially affected 1,008 properties, more than 300 homes had to be supplied with power by generators.

But Derek Morton, of Alexandra Garth, arrived back from London to find a lorry and generator in his shared driveway, blocking two of his neighbours’ garages.

And the 57-year-old building and civil engineer contractor had planned to go away with his caravan at the weekend but it too was blocked in by the generator and lorry.

“There’s no way I could ever get the caravan off my drive,” he said. “And nobody had the decency to tell anybody why it was there.

“This is the second time it’s happened. I came back from holiday with my caravan in July and it was there. Nobody had been informed, they just dumped it there. They dumped it here on Tuesday night and nobody’s been here since.”

Mr Morton said a man had come to fill it with fuel, but he just left an invoice under the lorry’s windscreen wiper. He also pointed out that the generator was noisy.

“I have got double glazing and cavity wall insulation and it’s just a buzz all night,” he said.

A statement from CE Electric UK said that the supply interruption at 4.50pm on Tuesday, August 30, was due to a fault on the high-voltage underground cable network and that by 6.20pm around 673 properties had their power back, with the rest on generators by 11pm.

“Investigation and fault location work has been carried out and the cable was repaired on Friday, September 1,” it said.

“Unfortunately, following tests to restore supplies back to the network, a further fault was identified. Repairs are currently ongoing and a permanent restoration to supply will be completed today.

“One of our customers has raised some concerns with regard to the location of one of our generators during this repair. We have contacted this customer directly to address their concerns and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience that this has caused for local residents.

“Our priority is always to restore supplies to our customers quickly and safely and we would like to thank customers for their patience and cooperation while repairs to our network have been carried out. Customers with any concerns are urged to call our 24-hour customer relations helpline on 0800 668877.”