An author’s account

Members of Embleton WI were welcomed by president Norma Ham to Creighton Hall for their February meeting.

Many of the ladies had already met in the morning for the Mothers’ Union annual pancake coffee morning.

Business matters included a resume of county events and a request for a delegate to attend the national AGM in Brighton.

Lynne Harris presented a satisfactory financial statement following successful membership renewals in January.

Arrangements were made for the visit to the Grace Darling Museum in March.

The speaker for the afternoon, Anne Ousby, was introduced to members by Joan Littler.

Anne spoke of her introduction to novel writing and of self-publishing through Amazon.

Visits to South Africa have provided the background to her works.

The launch of each new work gives Anne great pleasure, with an opportunity to meet with family and friends and to discuss her work.

A recent venture for Anne was the writing of a play for the dance group in Alnmouth, which was very well received, raising money for Hindmarsh Hall.

Some lively discussion with members revealed at least one potential writer for publication and also gave an insight into the varied reading tastes of everyone.

At the end of the talk, Anne challenged the members to write a Haiku, which illustrated the thought patterns of members and gave Anne a difficult judging task.

A vote of thanks was given by Joan.

Tea and biscuits were very welcome and gave everyone a further chance to discuss the talk and agree that for Anne “writing was a pleasure”.

The competition for a bookmark attracted a wide range of interesting entries. The results were: 1 Jean Lawrence, 2 Marjorie Hopper, 3 Adeline Jones.

The raffle winner was Marjorie Hopper.

The members left having had a very enjoyable afternoon, and one wonders if it may produce some more aspiring writers.