Amble Town Council round-up: Dog fouling and one-way system gripes

Part of the one-way system in Amble.
Part of the one-way system in Amble.

An Amble resident has written to the town council with a string of concerns, including dog fouling and the one-way system.

Ivor Rackham, of George Street, claims that pet muck is a ‘huge problem’ in the town and urged the council to look into possible solutions.

Regarding the one-way system, he said that cars are travelling in the wrong direction.

In an email, he wrote: ‘I am a great supporter of having a one-way system in Amble and it has cleared the weekend congestion from Leazes Street and this is not a criticism of it. But it does seem to have some teething problems.’

He also raised concerns about the alleyway between Tesco and the old Fourways building.

He said: ‘I have twice nearly been hit – once on foot, once on my bike – by cars swinging into the alleyway which is opposite Tesco and runs towards the old Fourways. I have also seen other pedestrians nearly hit.

‘Also, the back alley of George Street that leads onto it is used as a play area for small children. I have contacted Northumberland County Council about this but I have had no response.

‘The alleyway opposite Tesco is used as a rat run for people trying to avoid driving around the one-way system. Please can it be looked at.’

Of the dog-fouling problem, Mayor Jane Dargue said that it is an issue that the town council takes seriously. She added that the town council is actively supporting the county council’s newly-launched Green Dog Walkers scheme; a community-led programme to reduce dog fouling.

Coun Helen Lewis added: “I don’t think the dog-fouling problem is as big as it used to be. There are more responsible dog owners, than irresponsible, but unfortunately the irresponsible ones get all of the attention.”

Regarding the one-way system, Coun Lewis said: “We hope that county-council signage will be put in place and once it is there, then we can act on it.

“There has been some teething problems, but we hope with signage and more regular usage, these incidents will get less and less.”

The meeting also heard that the new CCTV system will have number-plate recognition.

Councillors conceded there was an issue with the alleyway and said it would be explored again at an upcoming multi-agency parking-group meeting.

○ A new public-access defibrillator is to be purchased for Amble, thanks to a partnership between the town council and Warkworth Harbour Commissioners. The equipment is set to be placed on the Commissioners’ current building.

○ Deputy Mayor Craig Weir is trying to establish a Warm Hub in Amble. The project aims to support vulnerable and fuel-poor people. He said: “I’ve been looking at various venues in Amble. We are a quarter of the way there.”

○ Amble town councillors are looking at the viability of producing a neighbourhood plan. As part of this, members want to know what support there is from the community and who would be keen to get involved.