Amble Town Council round-up

An artists' impression of the school plans.
An artists' impression of the school plans.

Recently-elected Amble county councillor Terry Clark held his first surgeries – and said that one of the issues which kept cropping up was parking problems in parts of the town.

He told members: “One of the main issues in Amble is residents’ parking along Harbour Road and Ladbroke Street.

“Residents are concerned about parking where they live and also about emergency services getting through. I think it is caused by a reluctance by visitors to park in the car park.

“I have contacted the emergency services and they have said that they have no problems getting through.

“The county council is aware and officers have said that they will monitor it and keep an eye on it.”

Coun Helen Lewis said that the town council is conscious of the problem and it has been looked at.

On a separate issue, Coun Clark said that one young lad attended his surgery saying he had a problem with nuisance neighbours, who were bullying him and making his life hell. Coun Clark informed members that the police and the county council are both involved, adding that noise-level monitors have been fitted.

• A revamp of James Calvert Spence College (JCSC) is not planned. In February, the then-Labour administration unveiled plans for JCSC, but the new Tory-run council says nothing was agreed. Coun Jeff Watson said: “There’s no current plans for JCSC. It is part of a dozen possible schemes, done in order of priority. If JCSC wants to develop an academy application, it would get support.”

• The council has called for a town-centre car park. Members said this would be listed as one of its priorities for consideration in Northumberland County Council’s upcoming Local Transport Plan. Other proposals expected to be put forward are the resurfacing of Bisley Road and introducing more cycle and walkways in the town.

• A petition to change a cycle route in Amble to stop vehicles and cyclists travelling in opposite directions along the town’s one-way system, has been handed in to the county council.

• Community donations to help pay for repairs to Amble War Memorial have surpassed £3,000.

• A new defibrillator has been ordered for Amble. The life-saving device is set to be installed on the Harbour Master’s Office.

Working in partnership with the Stephen Carey Fund, the defibrillator has been purchased by the town council and Warkworth Harbour Commission.

• Coun Jeff Watson said the scheme to build a new hotel at Amble’s Coquet Enterprise Park is progressing.