Amble Town Council round-up

The Little Shore in Amble.
The Little Shore in Amble.

PC David Donaldson reported that there has been a spate of thefts from sheds, break-ins to outbuildings and damage to motor vehicles in Amble.

He added that numerous locations in surrounding areas have being targeted by diesel thieves.

PC Donaldson issued various crime-prevention advice, which can be found online at
○ Coun Jeff Watson urged police to carry out patrols at beach areas.

He said: “With the school holidays and the lighter nights, the youngsters are going down to the beach and I think this will happen more when the CCTV is live in town. If I was you, I would look there in the evening.”

A resident at the meeting said there had been two fires on the dunes recently.

PC Donaldson said the beaches will be included in patrols.

○ Resident Micky Walters raised concerns about loud car noise and an exhaust pipe which ‘sounds like a shot gun’.

PC Donaldson said he would look into it.

○ A concerned resident has complained about bins not being emptied regularly enough, which she says is leading to rubbish being blown everywhere.

During public question time at last week’s meeting, Louise Little said: “The weekends are getting busier and busier in Amble, but the bins, in places like at the bottom of Links Road and outside the Harbour Co-op, aren’t being emptied on a Monday morning.

“If it is windy, then the rubbish gets everywhere. It is blowing down onto the beach from the Links car park.”

Coun Helen Lewis said that a seasonal worker – employed by the county council, but paid for by the town council – has just started and it is hoped that the bins will now be emptied more regularly.

Clerk Elaine Brown said that the seasonal worker will deal with Paddlers Park, carry out a midday check and cleanse of the public toilets and empty bins in certain parts of the town.

“Hopefully this will help us avoid litter issues,” she said. Miss Brown added that Amble can’t currently have any more litter bins, but can rejig their location.

But Coun Jeff Watson said: “If we are getting all this housing, then we need more litter bins. If you say we can’t have more bins, then we need to address that issue.”

Coun Craig Weir said: “We should continue to monitor the situation as the new houses come along and then do a deal with the county council’s NEAT team.”

○ Those residents who were nominated for the town council were elected unopposed.

The council, after the May elections, will be Central ward: Jane Dargue, Martin Horn, Kate Morrison. East ward: Helen Lewis, Ian Parks, Craig Weir. West ward: Ian Hinson, Tracy Hinton, Jeff Watson.

○ The town council is introducing an Honorary Freeman/Freewoman initiative to recognise members of the community who show outstanding commitment and contribution to the town over a long period of time.

A successful nominee would receive a scroll and pin and be invited to civic events.