Amble Town Council news round-up

Amble Town Square
Amble Town Square

The Mayor of Amble believes something needs to be done to tackle speeding motorists along the town’s Percy Drive and called for a fresh look at trying to solve the problem.

Coun Weir said that there has been a recent spate of crashes along the stretch and would like to see measures in place to curb excessive speeds.

It comes after Amble county councillor Terry Clark said that he had received reports about speeding along Percy Drive and he had been asked about whether a pedestrian crossing could be installed.

Years ago, Coun Clark’s predecessor, Coun Robert Arckless, had attempted to put in traffic-calming, but failed because residents in the area had objected, the town council heard.

But Coun Weir believes the time is right to re-visit the issue. He said: “This does go back a few years, but it might be worth looking at it again and putting more pressure on. That road is busy, and will only get busier, and there have been three crashes in the past five weeks.

“We did talk about this when the Tynedale estate was built but we were fobbed off, but it has increased traffic quite considerably.

“It might be worth doing a survey to look at some sort of speed restriction. We would be grateful if you could push it, Coun Clark.

“We will bring it up at the next parking meeting, because something needs doing.”

Coun Martin Horn said that he had previously asked if the speed camera could be moved from outside the new Persimmon estate along the A1068 to Percy Drive, but was told that speed-survey figures did not warrant moving it. Coun Weir disputed the survey.

Coun Horn added that a mobile hand camera has been used along Percy Drive.

CCTV update: Councillors have said that CCTV cameras in the town have been used quite successfully, despite social-media comments to the contrary.

However, county councillor Terry Clark said that he was disappointed with the CCTV on Queen Street and Bridge Street.

At the town council’s July meeting, he told members that there had been a hit-and-run incident, whereby a car had smashed into another and driven off. He said the incident was reported to police, but officers later said they couldn’t see anything on the cameras.

Coun Jane Dargue said that the footage should be there and the matter needed chasing.

Youth Project: Some good work is going on at Amble Youth Project.

Coun Tracey Hinton said that summer activities are in place for younger members.

She added that work is set to start on the kitchen, with the aim of opening it up as a youth café.

She hopes that this, as well as a youth festival in the town in September, might help to attract more senior members.

She said: “It’s all about the older youth and to see if we can attract them and encourage them to come along.”

Coun Hinton added that the youth project has teamed up with Amble Food Bank to give out food parcels over the summer holidays.

These will be distributed to young children from the after-school group whose parents are in receipt of free school meals.

She said there had been a good response to this.