Amble Town Council

Louts target bus shelter in town

Vandals have daubed graffiti on the bus shelter on Acklington Road, which has also been damaged at the rear of the structure. Coun Arckless said whoever was responsible for the graffiti should be made to remove it, ‘with a toothbrush’.

New home for sign could be by the sea

A disused Welcome to Amble sign – currently in storage and not suitable for road use – could instead be used to greet people who are entering the town by sea. Councillors backed clerk Elaine Brown’s idea for this. She will liaise with the harbour master.

Winter weather prompts grit call

Councillors are to suggest locations for more grit bins in the town, and then forward the wish list to the county council to see what can be done. The meeting heard that two possible areas for more bins were Gloster Meadows and Glendale.

Fears over bedroom tax

Concerns have been raised about the imposition of bedroom tax in April. Under new Government policy, those on benefits will be penalised for every unoccupied bedroom, losing probably £11 to £13 for each empty room every week. Only older people will be safe. Coun Robert Arckless believes it will cause ‘huge problems’ and fears people could become ‘homeless’. Coun Jane Dargue said that the town council should make representations and ‘look at the problem before it becomes a problem’.

Complaint over state of structure

A resident has complained about the state of a stone structure at Melrose Gardens, branding it ‘an eyesore’. The town council will decide what action should be taken after the county council has finished looking into the issue.