The new lights on Amble pier.
The new lights on Amble pier.

Fantastic festival

The members and friends of St Cuthbert’s Church, Amble, can be justly proud of the flower festival they put together over the weekend of August 14, 15 and 16.

Funds are being raised for the ‘Access for All’ appeal, which plans to create a sloping pathway to allow wheelchair users and mums with buggies easy access to the building.

The weekend was a success from start to finish. The congregation drew on the talents of members and friends to put together some 17 arrangements on the theme of hobbies.

Visitors were welcomed by stunning sunflowers on the doorstep and a bike parked outside holding beautiful designs, incorporating pink gerbera and roses.

Inside, the rowing club was highlighted by using one of the boats, which towered over everyone in the corner.

Three beautiful arrangements using the most amazing hydrangea and agapanthus picked up on the colour of the boat. The use of roses and carnations showed how the hobby of flower arranging can turn the simplest of flowers into something stunning.

It was clear the artist Vincent Van Gogh was the inspiration for an arrangement on the theme of art, which one visitor described as “simply beautiful”. The wooden objects received as gifts were incorporated into the design, using sunflowers and green gladioli to show off the hobby of woodwork.

There was a lot to see in the display created to illustrate the hobby of bird watching, including binoculars, walking boots several ducks and an owl. A pond was achieved using a mirror and bull rushes.

A blue and white theme complimented the materials used for card making. White daisies and chrysanthemums drew the eye into this busy corner of the church.

The paper craft contribution of Amble’s outreach group stood proudly on the rood screen next to a cupcake design, which one visitor described as “inspired”.

Music was depicted near the altar on a three-tier stand, surrounded by instruments and draped with a musically inspired fabric.

The rich colours used in the flowers complimented the amazing belly dancing costume to illustrate this unusual pastime.

A very busy gardening area showed the growing of vegetables, as well as flowers, and incorporated vital tools, including wellington boots and a wheelbarrow. This was contrasted by the golfing arrangement, which using white lilies, was a much calmer, more serene scene.

A smile was brought to the faces of many visitors by a scrabble board displaying a variety of words relating to the festival. There were a number of colourful gerbera cleverly attached to some twisted willow.

A night at the theatre was the theme which used stunning pink lilies to compliment the plush red velvet backdrop. A mask, bow tie, champagne and glasses enhanced the scene.

A sewing box and thimbles sparked memories for some and used a piece of fabric that had belonged to a recently deceased flower arranging friend to inspire the colour choices for the flowers.

There was a buzz in the church throughout the weekend, visitors old and new not only enjoyed the flowers, but relaxed with a drink and a homemade scone. For some it was a time to catch up with old friends, for others a planned day out, and some a chance to just pop in and have a look.

A very successful weekend culminated the event, raising about £1,000 for the Access for All appeal.

Thanks go to everyone who helped in any way, whether it be arranging flowers, baking scones, making drinks, providing raffle prizes, manning the door, providing the background music, or just fetching and carrying, and to all those who came to enjoy the festival and supported the appeal, which I am sure they would agree, is for a very worthy cause.

More information about our Access for All appeal can be found on our website,