Amazing progress of TV star Staffy Ged

The latest instalment of our weekly series dedicated to the Alnwick-based dog santuary SHAK.

Friday, 22nd February 2019, 13:00 pm
BBC Inside Out presenter Chris Jackson with SHAK founder Stephen Wylie and Ged the dog during the show. Image from the BBC

A couple of years ago, SHAK took in a very frightened Staffy called Ged who was in a horrendous condition.

His collar was wedged around his body like a sash and had been there so long, it had become ingrained into his fur and the leather had taken the shape of his body contours.

He was very defensive and wouldn’t allow anyone to touch him.

After time, charity founder Stephen Wylie was able to cut off the collar and, once Ged relised he was trying to help him, he relaxed his guard a little.

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Since then, Ged has made amazing progress.

Stephen said: “Whilst he is still very wary of strangers, who can blame him, he goes out with an ever-expanding team of handlers for his walks every day.

“He thinks the world of his girlfriend, the very special Eden, whilst feed time is definitely his favourite time of the day!

“I am so proud of how he has adapted and honoured that he has trusted us all to look after him, it all could have been so different.

“Whilst I think moving to a home environment would possibly be too much for him, he is a huge success story in his own right and one I am extremely proud of.”

In October 2017, Ged featured on an episode of BBC One show Inside Out, which highlighted the important role that SHAK plays in rehabilitating mistreated, neglected and abused dogs, with particular focus on its work with potentially dangerous dogs to prevent them from being put down.

Stephen said: “Ged’s story fitted perfectly and showed his progression and how despite everything he was willing to trust us.”

During the programme, Stephen took Ged to meet Laura Priestner and her daughter Katie, who was scared of some Staffies after helping her friend escape a serious dog attack in Blyth in 2016.