Alnwick Wildlife Group

Laurie Campbell
Laurie Campbell

Members of Alnwick Wildlife Group are getting geared up for a busy year ahead, doing what we can to safeguard some areas within the town boundary for wildlife and for access for everyone.

At the Thomas Percy Wood and Cawledge Burn, surveys are planned to see what wildlife interests are there – all part of the Alnwick Town Plan.

Funds are being raised by carrying out surveys of bird and plant populations and other aspects of wildlife for interested local farmers and landowners.

It is planned to use the donations from them to help some of the independent projects being carried out by other enthusiasts in the county. Two schemes have already benefited financially.

To help raise the profile of what we do, as well as raise some funds, we are holding a major event at the Alnwick Playhouse on February 24.

Laurie Campbell, the internationally renowned wildlife photographer, will be showing and talking about some of his fantastic work. It promises to be a great night out, so book your seats now direct from the Playhouse box office or on-line via the Playhouse website.

Alnwick Wildlife Group is all about enjoying, exploring and helping the wildlife in our bit of Northumbria.

In the comfort of a friendly meeting place you can join with other like-minded folk to hear excellent speakers, swap news and share experiences. There’s something for everyone.

Between September and May, there are monthly meetings at St Michael’s Church Hall on Canongate.

They are on a variety of subjects, which are always followed by refreshments and an opportunity to chat.

To see the programme, check out

Together we produce a monthly newsletter which reviews the past month and looks forward to the next. It has items of interest and a record of members’ sightings for the month, not just the unusual but of everyday interest too.

These records are included in a national data base and are of use to students and conservationists. Anyone is welcome to contribute an article or just a note of some interesting event they have witnessed. The newsletter is worth the annual subscription alone.

There are always wildlife projects on the go and regardless of ability, every little helps. Also occasional field trips which enable members to visit places of interest with someone who is familiar with the site.

If you are new to the Alnwick area, joining the AWG is the best way to discover the local hot spots for whatever your wildlife interests may be. Why not give Alnwick Wildlife Group a try? Email us on {Mailto:||Launch an email to}