Alnwick Town Council round-up: Tour, toilets, schools and streets

Tour of Britain passes through Alnwick. Picture by Michael Pearson
Tour of Britain passes through Alnwick. Picture by Michael Pearson

The town council wants to be consulted on any proposals for the two middle-school sites in Alnwick should the high school become a secondary school.

Members have agreed on several occasions that the town council will not take a view on whether Alnwick should have a two-tier or three-tier system.

However, Coun David Farrar suggested responding to the consultation to flag up that the emerging neighbourhood plan has policies which refer to the sites of both the Duke’s and Lindisfarne Middle Schools.

Members didn’t want to ‘hi-jack’ the consultation, but agreed to flag this up and ask to be kept up to date on any proposals for developments on those sites.

Coun Gordon Castle asked the town council to take the lead in organising a meeting with the county council, the high school and the town’s sporting clubs in order to try to co-ordinate the efforts to ensure that the facilities at the new school are available for community use.

• Last week, 1,000 metres of bunting was displayed in Alnwick as the Tour of Britain passed through. The town council thanked the 13 volunteers from the Christmas Lights team who put it all up. The council itself had also organised a shop window competition, won by Northumbria Pets, and a photography competition.

• The public toilets were back on the agenda after Coun Sue Allcroft raised concerns about their upkeep and cleanliness. Coun Martin Harrington said: “We are just going round and round in circles, we have talked about it for the last three years.” Another meeting is to be held with officers from the county council.

• Coun Peter Broom made the suggestion that the town council should pay someone to clean the town’s the streets. Coun Alan Symmonds added: “We are not criticising the county council’s workers, but the policies, the process or the lack of workers.” It was agreed to investigate what is being done at present.

• The clerk provided the meeting with details of where the CCTV cameras in Alnwick were positioned. There are around eight around the town centre, managed by various people. The county council is to carry out a review of CCTV in market towns and the town council is to request an upgrade for Alnwick.