Alnwick Town Council: 20mph zones and speeding

Proposals have been mooted for the length of 20mph zones in certain areas of Alnwick.

Monday, 21st November 2016, 11:00 am
Updated Monday, 21st November 2016, 12:27 pm
20mph zone sign

Northumberland County Council is investing up to £1million over the coming years to have 20mph limits outside schools.

As part of the town council’s input into these discussions, 20pmh boundaries have been suggested for outside the St Paul’s Federation of Schools, on South Road, and the new Duchess’s Community High School, Taylor Drive.

Coun Martin Swinbank said: “At the planning meeting, it was mentioned that our preference was for the 20mph zone outside St Paul’s to go from the Oaks roundabout to the junction at the column.

“Our preference would be time-limited, at the times when children are most present, like the mornings and the school pick-up, and enforced with flashing signage.

“For the new high school, our preference would be a 20mph zone from the new roundabout outside of Sainsbury’s, along Taylor Drive, past the school and to the new housing estate at Greensfield, continuing along Weavers Way, opposite Arkle Court and to where the bus turning circle is. Our suggestion isn’t to make this time-limited, rather it would be in place all of the time.”

Coun Sue Allcroft questioned the need for the fixed 20mph limit. Coun Swinbank replied: “Our rationale for this is that the high school will be accessed by people right through into the evening, so it shouldn’t be time-limited.”

• A flashing speed sign could be installed on Clayport Bank.

Coun Martin Swinbank said that it was needed and Coun Gordon Castle said he would be happy to contribute towards it with his member’s small schemes fund.

The town council was supportive of taking on the ownership of the sign and the servicing, if it is installed.

The meeting also heard a proposal to reinforce the 30mph limit at the various gateways to the town, such as South Road and Alnmouth Road.

Coun Swinbank said: “We have talked about additional things like having 30mph written on the road and having some additional signage to reinforce the fact that you are in a 30mph zone.

“It follows speed monitoring that was done at the entrances to the town and it showed that people do drive through at excessive speeds.”