Alnwick Town Council

Town councillors in Alnwick agreed not to have a say as an authority on the possible restructuring of schools in the area.

They may revisit the issue when schools and governors have had their say, but not until the current consultation had finished and the results of that are clear.

There are three options in the consultation, although others can be put forward – to leave things as they are, to merge the Duke’s and Lindisfarne Middle Schools or to introduce a two-tier system of primary and secondary schools.

At last Thursday’s meeting of Alnwick Town Council, Coun Alan Symmonds said: “I would propose this is one situation where the town council should not comment.

“I think it’s almost impossible to get a council policy on the schools, I think it will divide the council.”

Coun Gordon Castle agreed, saying that he had already been asked, in his role as one of Alnwick’s county councillors, to act as a community leader by the parents’ groups, but had declined.

“It’s a genuine consultation and I want to see what the partnership and schools come up with,” he added.

But Coun Rachael Roberts said that while the town council may not want to comment on which option is preferred, it could express some views on wider issues relating to the consultation.