Alnwick Town Council

Town allotment transfers done

The transfer of the St George’s and Cawledge View allotments from Northumberland County Council to Alnwick Town Council has been completed. Works will continue at St George’s to get them ready for letting in the next few weeks

Meanwhile, the county council is prepared to transfer the ownership and maintenance of Swansfield Park to the town council from April 1. A meeting to discuss the implications has been proposed.

There are some concerns about a water draining problem at the south west corner of the site and who is responsible.

A report updating the situation will be brought to the town council’s March meeting.

What a blooming good idea

The council has taken ownership of 20 two-tier planters, which belonged to the former Alnwick Community Development Trust. Councillors also agreed to accept ownership of 12 barrel tubs being bought by Alnwick in Bloom and planted in partnership with Alnwick Friends of the Earth.

Tackling a sticky street problem

Councillors were told that new chewing gum removal equipment had been trialled by the county council. A chewing gum awareness campaign and spring clean are being planned.

Coun Sue Patience updated councillors on the Neighbourhood Plan Issues and Options consultation.

Residents ask for parking schemes

A number of residents are asking the county council to provide them with their own parking schemes to overcome parking problems and congestion. With minor amendments, councillors were in favour of proposals relating to Green Batt and agreed to look at the Clayport Street part of the town.