Alnwick teen tried to take his life after obsessing over the perfect selfie

Danny Bowman, who appeared on Daybreak.
Danny Bowman, who appeared on Daybreak.

An Alnwick teenager has told how he tried to take his own life after becoming obsessed with taking the perfect ‘selfie’.

Speaking on ITV’s Daybreak on Monday, Danny Bowman, 19, said he spent 10 hours a day taking around 200 pictures of himself, striving to get the ‘perfect’ image.

When he realised he couldn’t get it, he tried to take an overdose, but was saved by his mum Penny.

After being treated for technology addiction, body dysmorphic disorder and OCD, Danny is now getting better and he wants to raise awareness of his illness to others who may also be going through it.

He said: “Perfection is impossible. I think the point was I just kept taking them and taking them and putting them online and getting mixed reviews. I really wanted somebody to say one was completely flawless. It was 10 hours a day, 200 selfies. The thing is this wouldn’t happen if it wasn’t in a modern age, this is a new thing, selfies.”

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