Alnwick students get a taste of working life

Ewan Wilkes working on promotional videos at a Newcastle production company.
Ewan Wilkes working on promotional videos at a Newcastle production company.

Year 12 pupils from the Duchess’s Community High School in Alnwick used last week to undertake work experience.

Connor Corrigan did his work experience at the Duke’s Middle School, observing in lessons, and being a classroom support assistant helping pupils with their learning.

What surprised him was getting used again to such familiar surroundings, as he is an ex-student of the Duke’s, but he enjoyed the experience.

He said: “This is a real eye opener into the real world of work and how school life is run on a day-to-day basis.”

Ewan Wilkes did his stint with a production company in Newcastle that focuses on promotional videos. He worked with people on editing videos and animations, and also set up time-lapse cameras.

He said: “I think this experience has helped me further develop my perspective on the industry. I’m excited to finish school and get out there.”

Another student, Andrew W, has been doing marketing at St Nicholas’ Cathedral in Newcastle, which was ‘fun, but demanding’.

Antonia Scott did her work experience at a nursery and said: “It’s really useful because I’m studying child care and can experience a school setting.”

Nathan Robson was a classroom assistant at St Michael’s C of E Primary School and said: “My Year 3 class is genuinely the best class I could have hoped to teach. I started work experience thinking I wouldn’t grow up to teach younger kids, but this experience has changed my mind.”