ALNWICK SOUTH FIRST SCHOOL: Pupils land their first job interviews

At the start of this school year, we were lucky enough to have a new school library set up in a mobile classroom next to our playground.

We’ve been using it during the school day, but our teachers decided that it would be great if we could use the library during our dinner break. The only problem was: who would run it?

The answer to that was simple – our teachers decided that the Year 4 children would run the library at dinner time, supported by a grown-up.

To make sure that we were up to the job, our teachers sprung a little surprise on us – anyone who wanted to be a librarian had to fill in an application form and attend a job interview!

So, on Thursday, January 16, Don ‘The Library Van Man’ White came to Alnwick South First School to interview us!

We were all extremely nervous.

We had to answer lots of questions on our own and prove that we were up to the task of being a librarian.

Luckily, Don was so impressed that he decided that we all deserved to get the job.

As a librarian, you need to know how to use a computer so you can scan the books in and out.

You also need to know a lot about authors and books so that you can make suggestions to people if they can’t decide what book to read.

You need to know how to find books on the shelves and you have to be helpful and polite.

We’ll be spending quite a bit of our time helping the younger children choose books.

Here’s a word of advice for anyone using a library: Don told us that when you put books back on the shelves, you need to put the spine facing outwards because if you don’t, you will find an angry librarian!

By Laura, Millie, Oliver, Finlay and James

Chestnut Class

Our five fabulous Rs

At Alnwick South First School, we use a system which we call the Five Rs.

Our Five Rs are really important to us. They help us to reflect our behaviour and our thinking.

The Five Rs are:

• Resilient

• Ready

• Reflective

• Responsible

• Resourceful

To help us remember what they are, they are each linked to a story and an animal which share that behaviour.

The Crow is Resilient. This means that if you come up against something difficult or tricky, then you don’t give up; you try and try again.

The Squirrel is Ready. This means that you are prepared for anything. We have to be prepared for lessons with the correct equipment and, most importantly, be ready to learn.

The Turtle is Reflective. This means you should think before you do something. For example, you need to think carefully before you say or do something. You also need to reflect after you have done something. We often consider whether we could improve our work or have done something better.

The Dog is Responsible. This means that you can do something on your own and you take responsibility when given a job. This might involve looking after yourself, other people or the school. It also means taking responsibility for your actions.

The Ant is Resourceful. This means that you think carefully and consider different ways to approach a problem.

We think that it is brilliant that our school has the Five Rs. They help us to think carefully about our learning and our behaviour.

It is great fun to try to see if you can be all five during the day! Why don’t you try it?

By Tia, Holly, Levi, Craig and William

Chestnut Class