Alnwick’s fibre roll-out to be finished in 2017

A BT fibre-broadband box in Bondgate Without, Alnwick.
A BT fibre-broadband box in Bondgate Without, Alnwick.

The areas of Alnwick which currently don’t have access to fibre broadband should be connected in 2017, says BT.

Following our report about the completion of the first phase of the iNorthumberland roll-out, a number of readers commented that areas of Alnwick still don’t have access.

A BT spokeswoman explained that four cabinets in the town are yet to be upgraded, although these are part of BT’s commercial roll-out, not the iNorthumberland scheme.

Of the four, one (serving properties in the vicinity of Clayport Street, Green Batt and Windsor Gardens) is near to completion, however, BT is currently in the process of requesting to move a pipe on private land. Once that permission is in place, work will proceed quite quickly.

A further three cabinets will be upgraded during 2017. These were not completed during the main roll-out in Alnwick due to major engineering issues. All three have had to go back into planning for alternative solutions and cable routes to be identified.

They serve just under 400 premises in the lower end of Prudhoe Street and Wagonway Road, Stott Street, Duke Street and Allerburn Lea; St James’ Estate, Weavers Way and Fairfields; Clayport Bank, St Thomas’ Crescent and Barresdale.