Alnwick Rotary Club

On Saturday, November 30, the Rotary Club of Alnwick held a charity quiz night in the Masonic Hall by kind of permission of the Lodge.

The event was to raise funds for a charity project in Mapalagma, Sri Lanka.

The project is to build a much-needed school costing £15,000, not a lot here, but a considerable amount in Sri Lanka.

Other Rotary Clubs in Rotary District 1030 have pledged support, so much so that the funding is growing.

The quiz night attracted 60 town’s folk from various sections of the community, making up 11 teams.

The quiz set by Roger Clark, an up-and-coming quiz master, was very different from a lot of others.

At the end of the night, the winners were The Alnwick Pride of Lions.

The night, which raised £585, was great fun thanks to all involved. Special thanks to the Masonic Lodge members for the use of the hall.

That morning students from the Duchess’s High School held a coffee morning at Alnwick Cricket Club and raised over £200 for the same project. Well done them.