Alnwick police tackle nuisance drivers

Police are targeting nuisance and anti-social drivers in Alnwick after concerns raised by the community.

Speeding drivers, noisy modified exhaust systems and dangerous driving in and around the town being reported has led to action by the Neighbourhood Policing Team .

Officers have been carrying out high visibility patrols in vehicles and on foot and static speed checks have been carried out at points in the town where drivers are known to speed.

Officers have also been stopping and checking vehicles, speaking with drivers about road safety and taking action where necessary.

Alnwick Neighbourhood Sergeant Neville Wharrier said: “Road safety, speeding and anti-social driving come up regularly as concerns for local residents and they are issues that we focus on right throughout the year.

“Nobody wants to be involved in a crash or to have an accident while on the road and it’s pleasing to see that we are getting a positive reaction from members of the public and drivers themselves to the action that we’re taking.

“For drivers with modified cars we are stopping them, checking their vehicles over and speaking with them about issues such as excessive noise coming from non-standard exhaust systems - which is a common complaint from residents. If their vehicles are breaking any regulations then we will take action.

“Motorists in Alnwick can expect activity on the roads to continue into 2011.”

This initiative supports Northumbria Police and partners’ road safety campaign ‘No need to speed’.