Alnwick Medical Group employs paramedic John

John Ramm, with Ronnie Black's 1966 Vauxhall Victor Ambulance.
John Ramm, with Ronnie Black's 1966 Vauxhall Victor Ambulance.

Alnwick Medical Group (AMG) is the first practice in Northumberland to directly employ a paramedic to its team.

John Ramm recently joined AMG from the North East Ambulance Service and will help the team deliver care to those who are housebound and in need of urgent care.

Historically, a GP would visit but AMG now employs three advanced nurse practitioners and John, an advanced paramedic practitioner, boosting the service that AMG’s doctors can provide in the surgery.

AMG covers an area from Bamburgh to Warkworth, and from the coast to Glanton, so home visits can take its clinicians away from the practice for a significant amount of time each day.

Expanding the skill mix in the team means there will be more appropriate resource to send to house-bound patients.

A clinician can see six-to-eight people in the time it takes to make a home visit, so AMG asks that only the truly housebound ask for a visit. For instance, the surgery doesn’t provide a home service for people with transport issues.

John said: “I am delighted to have the chance to work at a very forward-thinking practice and I have the enthusiasm and energy to make sure the role of a paramedic in practice is used effectively and in time becomes a model that we can share with other practices.”

Tony Brown, AMG manager, added: “We are excited and delighted to welcome John on board. We will be sponsoring John through a prescribing course as soon as possible so that he becomes one of the first paramedics in the country to be able to prescribe medication.

“The last 18 months have been very challenging for patients and staff alike, but we feel we have turned a corner and lots of our in-house system changes and strategic plans are starting to be delivered by the management team. Everyone at AMG is working as hard as we can to help improve and protect healthcare services across our whole patch.”

The practice recently celebrated its first anniversary since launching as AMG.

Tony added “We have come so far in the last year and although nobody in the practice thought it would be easy, we probably didn’t think it would be as hard as it has been.

“We know there are many more improvements to be made and will continue to look at how we can bring new ideas and resource to the area.”