Alnwick is over the worst

New shops are opening, the summer has been good and Alnwick is reviving.

With the recession biting over the last few years, businesses in the town have struggled.

But a good summer seems to have given Alnwick a boost.
Town and county councillor Gordon Castle said: “The signs of regeneration are there along with the signs of economic recovery and the town seems to be doing well.

“Businesses are reopening and the streets are looking good and there is a sense that if anywhere has a future, Alnwick does. I am very pleased that business is picking up and I am very hopeful that we will see improvements all-round.”

He added that a number of concerns were raised with him about high rents and rates.

But Coun Castle said: “There isn’t much we can do about the rates but when I have looked into the rents they don’t seem to have been hiked up. I don’t think they are wholly unrealistic.”