Alnwick Flower Club, October meeting

Chairman Val welcomed all present to Alnwick Flower Club’s October meeting, which was well attended.

She gave us information about forthcoming events – a lunch at the Percy Arms, Chatton, Members’ Day at the Federation Brewery (with National Demonstrator Lilias Hoskins) and our next meeting which will be the club’s AGM.

Members were asked to bring a contribution for the Christmas bring and buy stall, proceeds to go to a charity.

Val also gave her congratulations to those members who took part in the recent flower festival at St Nicholas’ Cathedral, Newcastle.

The demonstrator was Anne Codd with The Colours of Autumn. While executing her first design, in a beautiful grey urn with toning colours of pinks, purples and buff-coloured chysanths, she told us about staging her design on the font at St Nicholas’, the theme being The Birth of Music.

The colours of her arrangements on the evening reflected the change from summer to autumn, as did the materials used. While arranging, she entertained us with tales of when she was a midwife in the Gorbals, a harder and generally poorer time than today.

Her next arrangement used a tall rust-red vase in which she did a beautifully balanced arrangement in toning colours including a new rose, Purple Fire, which has purple outside petals with the inside petals fading to white. Using a stand filled with sprayed natural materials, she did an arrangement of hydrangea heads and toning materials which complemented the stand and together made a stunning display.

Anne used a lot of unusual flowers and foliage, including some wonderful rust-red anthuriums and all her arrangements were of show standard.

The vote of thanks given by Dorothy Leather ended an evening of superb flower arranging and entertaining chat. The club’s next meeting will be the AGM on November 4.