Alnwick Flower Club, March meeting

Chairman Val Pattinson welcomed visitors and members to the meeting of Alnwick Flower Club.

She read out a letter of thanks from the Bubble Foundation for the club’s donation to the unit in January of £378.

This children’s bone marrow transplant unit, based at the RVI, has a success rate of 90 per cent.

Val gave members details of the next meeting’s workshop and worksheets were handed out.

She also urged all members to take part in the Alnwick Spring Show on April 12, to which the club will donate £25.

Val welcomed demonstrator Heather Curry with her demonstration entitled A Road to Discovery.

Heather, who has only recently passed her demonstrators’ test, is also well known in Alnwick as she has worked as a fund-raiser for the hospice.

Her first arrangement depicted the verges on the roadside in the spring with greenery, daffodils and pussy willow. She then carried out four more identical arrangements, Something She Had Made Earlier. The next arrangement was The Road to Granny’s, using a child’s rocking chair and reminding her of childhood visits to granny. Flowers used were in vivid greens with orange carnations.

Her others included The Journey Through Life, in red for stop, orange caution and green for go in three separate arrangements.

A Road to the Airport, an arrangement in a black wok with accessories to depict China, a country she would love to visit, used bright yellow chrysanths with some beautiful cymbidium orchids.

A Journey to the Shops was composed of two silver and black baskets and a pair of decorated silver shoes, with bright pink flowers and silver foliage. Lastly a three-foot candelabra in pink with silver curling wires showed that technology has come a long way since the candle.

Heather gave us 19 separate arrangements to raffle, meaning that half of the audience were happy to carry away a lovely arrangement at the end of the evening.

The vote of thanks was given by Jan McMahon in appreciation of the colourful, varied and large number of arrangements Heather had done for us that evening.

The club’s next meeting on April 1, will be a workshop run by Fern, where members will make a spring arrangement in a choice of two different baskets, available to buy on the evening.