Alnwick Flower Club, April meeting

Around the World was the title of this month’s Alnwick Flower Club meeting.

Presented by retired midwife Kathleen Gibson, she delivered her presentation with much flair and so much humour that laughter was never far away.

Her arrangements included The Ice Cap, using metal containers, avalanche roses, stocks and a polar bear (no, not real).

The Barrier Reef was next, using pictum leaves, ferns, exotic foliage, red celosia, orange sponges and sea holly, along with imaginative tales of a snorkelling demonstrator.

The Rain Forest was very imaginative, using plaited palms, variegated fatsia, spray chrysanthemums and beautiful bird of paradise flowers.

The Desert was an upright arrangement using ivy, yellow Brasilia, spray carnations and the most beautiful orchids and yellow spray roses.

The Volcano was equally amazing, using a variety of hebe, begonia leaves and red robin. Flowers were bronze calla lilies with small African roses the final addition.

Kathleen was anxious to point out that she had not visited all these places but it was always a possibility for us all.

She proved so very entertaining and had us all laughing and enjoying the whole spectrum of an evening out with flowers.

Angela Smith gave a well-deserved vote of thanks for an enjoyable and spectacular night.

The next meeting is Tuesday, May 5, at the Costello Centre, Bailiffgate, at 7pm. All are very welcome.