Alnwick father jailed after horrific assault

Charlotte Barber who was assaulted in Alnwick.
Charlotte Barber who was assaulted in Alnwick.

A FATHER-of-one has been jailed for 16 months after a brutal attack which left a young PR worker with suspected brain damage and horrific facial injuries.

Charlotte Barber, 19, suffered painful bruising, a fractured cheekbone and a broken wrist in the late-night assault by ex-boyfriend Christopher Egdell in July.

Newcastle Crown Court heard the former couple had remained friends despite their three-year relationship coming to an end and him now seeing one of her friends.

But when Egdell, who was 21 at the time of the attack, walked past Miss Barber’s home in Alnwick, and saw her chatting to his cousin Andrew Brown in her living room, he flew into a rage, threw a brick through her window and knocked her unconscious with a single, forceful blow to the face.

Egdell, of Alnwick Moor, was jailed for 16 months

today for causing grievous bodily harm and criminal damage.

He was also issued with a restraining order, banning him from contacting Charlotte for five years.

Judge Roger Thorn told him: “You delivered a powerful punch, albeit only the one, but it sent her flying to the floor and made her unconscious and left her with a fractured cheekbone, concussion to the brain which required a scan and a fractured right wrist.

“She still has restricted movement in her hand and she is, not surprisingly, nervous about going out.”

The court heard Egdell is an otherwise respectable young man who works full-time and has contact with his young child from a previous relationship.

The judge added: “This is a tragedy because there is so much good about you.

“Your references would be a pride of any young man.

“The sentence is consistent with my public duty but short enough to hope when you come out you can still make something of your life.”

Prosecutor Emma Dowling told the court Charlotte had been out with friends, bumped into Egdell’s cousin on the way home and invited him in for a chat.

Miss Dowling said: “She said they were in the living room talking. The blinds were open and the lights were on so it would be possible to see in but in order to do so you would have to come extremely close to the window.

“They had been in about five minutes and heard a window breaking and could hear shouting from outside.

“She could hear the defendant’s voice and said he sounded extremely angry.

“He went outside to speak to him, she said she has never known him to be violent and never thought for a minute he would assault her.

“He punched her to the face.

“She does not know what happened, she lost consciousness immediately. The next thing she remembers is her neighbour picking her up, helping her back to his house and giving her water.”

The court heard Charlotte was taken to hospital where her injuries were treated and she was diagnosed as having suspected bruising to the brain.

Miss Dowling said the attack was witnessed by the neighbour.

She told the court: “He was shocked by the suddenness and severity of the assault.

“There was no warning whatsoever that it was going to occur.

“When the punch hit Charlotte there was a sickening sound as she fell to the floor.”

In a recent victim impact statement Charlotte said: “I’m only 19 and should be happy and confident.

“This has severely affected my life and enjoyment of life.”

Julie Clemitson, defending, said Egdell, who had started a new relationship with one of Charlotte’s friends at the time of the attack, is disgusted and ashamed by what he did.

Miss Clemitson told the court: “This was a moment where he completely lost control of himself, having come across a situation which hurt him deeply, which he understands he has no business being hurt by, but he was.

“It was a very emotional moment for him and he acted in a way he is utterly ashamed of and regretful of.”