Alnwick Embroiderers’ Guild

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Alnwick Embroiderers’ Guild recently listened to Jenni Young talk about her visit to Bangladesh as part of a meet the people tour organised by Traidcraft, an organisation which promotes fair trade and self-help in several countries throughout the world.

Jenni showed photographs of the production of different textiles and embroideries including dyeing, printing and stitching methods in several villages.

Although some health and safety precautions were in place, other aspects were best described as “in need of improvement.”

Members were also shown short clips of video in which traffic conditions were hair-raising to say the least. There was general agreement that the talk had been both fascinating and informative.

Members also had a hands-on session of weaving with a difference.

Rather than use fibres and threads, willow was the choice of the day.

Led by the very capable tutors Anna Turnbull and Paula Constantine, workshop participants had the choice of making baskets or plant supports.

Materials had been prepared beforehand so production was soon underway although it was much more physical than many members had anticipated. By the end of the day everyone was very proud of their finished pieces although fitting 150cm plant supports into cars may have caused amusement to anyone watching.