Alnwick Embroiderers’ Guild

Members of Alnwick Embroiderers’ Guild and visitors were fascinated to hear Pauline Burbidge’s presentation, Cloth Visions.

Pauline described how she was inspired by the natural world and showed a wonderful range of images including Holy Island, grasses and landscapes. She talked about her early career and exhibitions in London and Nottingham then went on to describe how her worked had evolved.

Her early work was influenced by a book of old patchwork quilts. However, stitched collages meant she could use free-form shapes and her work gradually changed and became more pictorial.

The development of plastics to laminate fabrics led to the inclusion of natural objects such as seeds and feathers in her work. When Pauline and her husband, the sculptor Charlie Poulsen, moved to the Borders she began to paint her fabric rather than dye it. The focus of her worked changed from observing details to larger scale such as landscapes.

Pauline’s work has been exhibited internationally and is in several collections, particularly in America.

As well as looking at a slideshow of Pauline’s images, the audience listened to music composed specially by a member of her family.