Alnwick Centre WI, February meeting

Alnwick Centre WI met as usual, on the second Thursday at the Costello Centre.

An excellent talk was given by Maureen Fortune telling members about her visit to the Galapagos Islands.

All were most interested to hear of the formation of these islands and their geological construction.

She told of the plant life which had evolved from seeds washed up from the sea or by floating on the air.

The birds and animals were of special interest, from the blue-footed boobies to the huge turtles and marine iguanas.

Charles Darwin visited these islands in1835, confirming his thoughts on natural selection. The talk was very much enjoyed and appreciated.

After tea, the business part of the meeting was led by Hazel Shell, one of the co-presidents.

The 90th birthday dinner was discussed. Two members are to go to Bamburgh for the arrival of the National WI Baton and three members to the spring council meeting in Newcastle.

The Northumbrian was read and the many opportunities to attend craft classes, garden events, sports competitions, a writing workshop and various visits were noted.

Birthday flowers were given to Anne Anthonaiz and Sylvia Taylor. Dorothy Thompson was given a hanging basket to mark her diamond wedding anniversary.

The next meeting, on March 27, is the birthday dinner held in St Michael’s Church Hall at 6pm.