Alnwick Centre WI, April meeting

Alnwick Garden
Alnwick Garden

Alnwick Centre WI met as usual on the second Thursday of the month at 7.30pm at the Costello Centre.

Trevor Jones was the speaker. He gave an excellent talk on The Alnwick Garden.

Members saw lovely slides of the garden from the days when it really was just a garden for the castle to when the machines moved in to prepare the land, of The Alnwick Garden as it is now and how it hopes to be in the future.

It was very interesting and informative, even members who had known The Alnwick Garden since it was begun learned something new and all enjoyed the talk very much. A sincere vote of thanks was given by Pat Parker.

After a cup of tea, the meeting, chaired by Hazel Shell, progressed to the business section.

The minutes of the last meeting were read and the Northumbrian News from the county office was noted. The annual report of the Northumbrian WI Federation was available for members to read and a delegate briefed to attend the spring council meeting in Newcastle.

The March coffee historical meeting at The Olive Branch, had been a great success.

The April coffee morning will be at Barter Books on April 24, Marjory Brown giving the brief historical information.

The birthday flowers were won by Rosemary Lee.

The competition for a garden hint was won by Ann Anthonaiz with her hint, hire a gardener.

The next meeting is the annual meeting on May 14, at 7.30pm, when Julia Davidson will be our representative from county office.