Alnwick Centre WI

MEETINGS ROUND-UP: President Sylvia Taylor welcomed members to the October meeting of Alnwick Centre WI and introduced Beryl Parr who gave a thought provoking talk about the development of the Hospital of Hope in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, where women could be treated for a painful fistula condition.

Harsh mountainous terrain, the need for pregnant women to work and carry heavy burdens, with no ante-natal care, and under-nourishment, all contributed to the rupture of internal organs during childbirth.

With the aid of photographs, Beryl showed that, as well as treatment, patients in the hospital were given help with health education, craft, and literacy, such progress being witnessed at first hand by her on her visits to Ethiopia.

Pat Parker thanked the speaker for her informative and very moving talk, an eye-opener into the prolonged suffering of Ethiopian women after childbirth but who now have hope of treatment through the work of the Hamlin Fistula charity.

At the November meeting members enjoyed a hands on craft session with Helen Maguire, who demonstrated the intricacies of napkin folding, in readiness for Christmas entertaining.

Concentration and busy fingers coped well with fans, candles and cornettos, and hidden talents were revealed.

Dorothy Thompson conveyed the thanks of members for the new ideas and excellent presentation given by Helen and her encouragement throughout.