Alnwick Camera Club meeting

Members Nick Johnston and Gerry Simpson entertained Alnwick and District Camera Club with an informative and highly-enjoyable presentation about their kind of photography.

Nick started the ball rolling with a display of prints highlighting different photographic problems he has dealt with.

Gerry came next with a series of projected images under the title View from the Chair.

Gerry is wheelchair-bound, but doesn’t let this stop him from getting around and taking some superb pictures. Sometimes, taking pictures from the car window is the only option, but, once again, Gerry seems to have the knack of taking excellent landscapes from this restricted position.

Once on the streets with his mobility scooter, his pictures take on a different aspect again with images of people and places taken from an angle that few of us would consider using.

Gerry and Nick went on a couple of photographic expeditions together where they each took the same picture with Gerry in his chair and Nick standing alongside.

By showing their pictures together in pairs, they were able to demonstrate the remarkable difference in the results they achieved.

Hopefully this will encourage members to experiment with taking their pictures from different viewpoints.