Alnwick, Camera Club

Kevin Murray, a club member, gave a packed audience an outstanding show of wildlife photography. In the words of club chairman Dave Dixon, 'all his images could be winners.'

Monday, 15th January 2018, 10:30 am
Puffins on the Farne Islands by Jane Coltman

Kevin is not your average photographer, admitting to spending several hours often lying on the ground in his quest to get the perfect picture, sometimes in very cold and damp conditions.

He always likes to get a “different shot” to the normal portrait ones, hence he spent many hours photographing red squirrels jumping off a log in search of food, having set up a specialist area for them to enjoy and providing a regular, if expensive, food source for them. His exquisite pictures showcased these elusive creatures in all their glory.

He began by showing images that he felt many members could get by a visit to the Farne Islands. But rather than the usual ‘bird in flight’, he preferred to be at the same level as the birds, making for some more unusual and interesting shots. However, he never gets too close or invades any space of the birds.

We saw puffins, shags, razorbills, cormorants and terns, all in superb detail. A count of fish in a puffins beak was recorded.

Ten other images, taken elsewhere in Northumberland, featured kingfishers – a difficult subject at best – and roe deer. One image in particular, backlit by the setting sun, was Kevin’s favourite and one he had been trying to capture for a very long time.

Kevin loves the rich and varied landscape of Northumberland, but also photographs in Scotland.

His red deer in the rut, captured over many hours, not only showcased the animals, but the beautiful surrounding countryside.

We then moved on to the Cairngorms, where we witnessed hares hiding in the snow and the glorious ptarmigan showcasing their plumage.

Every image was beautifully captured, showing not only Kevin’s skill as a photographer, but his passion for the outdoors.

The long and warm applause said it all at the end of a captivating evening.