Alnwick, Camera Club

Simon Williams, of Crest Photography, was the guest of Alnwick and District Camera Club, where he delivered a fascinating presentation about his life and work as a commercial photographer.

Sunday, 11th February 2018, 5:00 am

A typical working day could see him travelling hundreds of miles between shoots. Working days of 12 hours or more are not uncommon, and he often works late into the night dispatching images to clients.

Simon spoke of how he used to work when he first started, shooting to film and using photographic lab services for processing and printing. Modern digital photography has allowed him to work in a more streamlined way, but this has greatly reduced the face-to-face interaction he has with customers.

Good quality camera equipment is a vital tool of the trade, but it was clear that good quality images come from a combination of equipment and photographer.

Simon’s images demonstrated not only his technical ability, but also his skill at working with people to get the best images possible.

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Drawing on an archive from thousands of assignments, Simon showed a selection of images he has taken “all in a day’s work”. A number featured people – many household names, including members of the royal family.

Simon related anecdotes of working as a host photographer, which allows him to get closer to the subject and capture more interesting and engaging images than the regular press photographers.

Simon concluded with a selection of pictures that he had taken for himself, rather than for paying clients. These demonstrated that his love of photography extends beyond just being a way of making a living, and he has a keen eye for landscape and wildlife images.

It was a very engaging and entertaining presentation, which was thoroughly enjoyed.